Cheltenham in Gloucestershire isn’t the first place that comes to mind as an international climbing hot-spot. That’s why Adrian quickly moved from there at the age of eighteen to begin something he, at times, wish he never started - a passionate but very unhealthy and completely obsessive affair with climbing.

His first ever foreign climbing trip to Ton Sai beach in Thailand, where he climbed the mile-stone grade of 8a for his first time on Millenium Eve, meant he had no hope in getting out of the situation...

Since then the last eight years have consistently delivered a wealth of experiences including travelling and climbing in over fifiteen countries worldwide including China, Iran, Thailand and Morocco and also much of North America and most of Europe where he has made first ascents of routes in Switzerland and Greece.

He has been lucky enough to make over twenty-five International appearances competing for the British Climbing Team between 2000 and the present day and has been the official trainer to the British Army & the Royal Navy.

Adrian now lives in London where he is pursuing his career. He continues to compete for Great Britain and makes the most of his weekends away climbing in central Europe, or in fact, anywhere that’s far enough away to not be affected by Britain’s frustratingly disappointing climate.